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About Us

Kilimo taarifa provides an interlink between farmers, markets, agricultural experts, researchers and
extension officers to facilitate agricultural value chain

Precise and up to date information

We are with the farmer all the way. From the idea of planting, choosing crops and variety to cultivate, proper cultivation, farm maintenance, harvesting, storage and selling of the harvest!

Our Mission

Our priority is to fulfill agricultural market demand and connect buyer and seller also provide researched agricultural information and Knowledge about modern farming to farmers.

Our Vision

Transformation of subsistence agricultural farming to commercial farming through a technology which is simple, easily accessible and affordable.

Our Services

Best farming practices

Get access to researched information for each crop in all stages of production, land preparation and harvesting

Marketing tips

Get market prices of different crops around Tanzania and other important market tips.


Get market opportunities in kilimo taarifa. Advertise your products as a producer or demand for products you need as a buyer.

Farmers support

Get farming consultation services from experienced agricultural experts.

Best farming practices.

We provide all necessary information to enable a farmer to practice productive agriculture

We enable the farmer to get necessary information about agricultural in his or her area. We provide information such as; best farming practices for different crops, researched agricultural information that is useful for agricultural productivity, tips to produce crops for export and much more.

Marketing Tips

We provide information on how the market trend is and prices of agricultural crops around Tanzania

We also advice farmers on market and how to produce products that thrive well in the market inside and outside the country. We explain the different market trends of the different crops and how farmers can produce according to the demand available.


We provide farmers with a platform to showcase their products and get a chance to be viewed by interested buyers. We also provide the buyers a chance to state their demands therefore creating opportunities for farmers.

Apart from the useful information we give to the farmer, we also enable the farmer to get market for his products by creating an 'online shop' for the farmer to sell his products. The shop enables the farmer to put on sale his or her products giving chances for the interested buyers to buy.

The shop also enables the buyers to state their demands and therefore providing farmers with orders to produce knowing that there is already a buyer out there.

Farmers support

We provide farming consultation services for registered farmers where they get to chat and speak with our experts.

Farmers can either call or chat with our agricultural experts to get help on different challenges they face.

USSD and Webapp

Kilimo Taarifa will soon be available as USSD application and a Website!

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Kilimo Taarifa

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Sayansi, Kijitonyama
Dar es salaam


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